Generate Coverage of a Legacy Product


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  • Lead generation
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By protecting crops and cropping protections, we can succeed and diversify.

Nutrien had a communication challenge when speaking about nitrogen. There were many consumer questions about cost, ROI, application rates and how the product delivered nitrogen throughout the growing season.


AdFarm’s solution was the ESN Smart Network, a series of cutting-edge online platforms optimized for mobile use and designed to act as content hubs on a wide range of topics throughout the buying process, including tools to calculate impact on the farm.


AdFarm created content for the ESN Smart Network and Twitter account, allowing direct engagement with top growers, customers, retailers and crop experts.

1.5Mmedia impressions the ESN Smart Network earned - the equivalent of a $304,000 ad spend.

Award-winning work in public relations, creative development and digital media results was recognized by the National Agri-Marketing Association and Canadian Agri-Marketing Association.

600+Monthly blog visitors
2000+twitter followers
1.5Mmedia impressions

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