New Holland Agriculture

Position New Holland as a Thought Leader


  • Landing page development
  • Automated Marketing Campaign (Email Nurturing)
  • Capturing qualified leads
Educate farmers on the science and ROI of building a denser hay bale.

New Holland wanted to rejuvenate its positioning and market dominance within the haytools segment as well as communicate the full breadth of their product offering.

AdFarm’s vision was the concept of “The Science of Building a Better Bale,” with a goal of educating farmers about the benefits of greater bale density.


AdFarm’s solution was a landing page that detailed the steps to building a better bale along with infographics that illustrated key facts and figures. Additionally, the landing page had gated content (an infographic poster titled “The Road to Building a Better Bale”) to capture leads for an email nurturing campaign.


The landing page was promoted through Google Ads and an interrelated campaign, the Great New Holland Haytools Giveaway.

30,000+qualified leads were added to New Holland’s customer database Between the giveaway and landing page.
4:09Average time on site
773kImpressions in 7 months

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